Wandering Origins: The road that lead to my travels

Wandering Origins: The road that lead to my travels

I have my grandparents to thank for my passion for traveling and my wandering origins. When I was a little girl they took me to Disney World every summer, where I was enthralled by magic and the thought that I could do and be anyone and anything I wanted. My favorite ride was “It’s a small world”. I loved learning to say goodbye in all the different languages at the end of the ride.

Girl Scouts was a big part of my childhood too. I looked forward to the annual “world” convention where you could visit with hundreds of cultures under one roof! The best part was getting a fake passport and gathering stamps at each “country”. I always loved the different accents and styles of clothing parading about.

I watched my grandfather (Papaw) go to Russia and Hungary during his career travels. I saw him and my grandmother (Mamaw) take trips to Alaska, California, Russia, and Europe while in their 60s. They would send me postcards from every country and every city visited. I still have them today.wandering origins

It’s no surprise, then, that I would also want to travel. My wandering origins pulled at me like a force unparalleled. I did not want to wait until I had lived six decades of my life. In order to live out my dreams, I knew I was gonna need a career that paid the bills but allowed me to see the world. I went to college at the University of Alabama, graduating in four years and setting my sights on a dietitian job.

Five years of working as a dietitian has taught me so much and it has given me the opportunity to travel. I’m able to take trips with my three weeks of vacation, 3 personal days, and numerous holidays! I make the most of each weekend by playing near my own city.

Since getting my first big girl job, my wandering origins have lead me to, all over Virginia, DC, Asheville-NC, South Florida, Puerto Rico, Italy, France, and Iceland , South Carolina, Chattanooga, and Portland (to name a few) with my husband by my side. We have our hearts set on more European adventures in the future, so long as nothing happens.

Be well and travel often!

**This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own**


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Maegan and Michael are Adventurous Southerners who share their world journey and approach to living the travel lifestyle. You can expect humor and lighthearted banter blended with REAL travel stories and tips. Maegan is a registered dietitian, while Michael has an excerise science background, but both are outdoor lovers, and revel in the beauty of cultures unlike their own. Now, Maegan and Michael are working towards expat life through remote work. Join the adventure. Do you love to travel? Does your full time job or career prevent you from living the life you dream of? This is the duo to follow. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.


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