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Travel Gear

Ok here are some of my favorite travel gear that I use either during the planning process or while on my adventures. Check it out! Links included for a quick buy just for y’all. As always thank you for your interest. Don’t forget to like this post, share among your friends, and follow me for more adventures & tips to come! For more travel gear magic, check out this link!

Coffee Travel Gear:

I always need COFFEE, whether I am in the planning stages, jet lagged, or enjoying a peaceful new venue. My favorite is Lavazza creme e gusto espresso. An Italian coffee that can come ground or whole bean. This is my favorite brew every morning! It has a velvety smooth texture on the tongue and it fuels the soul. Every time I sip on a cup of this brew, I am back in Tuscany!

Of course in order to make my special coffee I needed an espresso maker. On our train from Cinque Terre to Venice (a 5hr ride), I went on Amazon and purchased a Delonghi espresso maker. I got it for half the price thanks to Memorial Day Weekend sales. It is about the size of a normal brew coffee maker. I can make singles or doubles, steam milk, and tamp the espresso all in one machine. Check it out for yourself, I’ve been successfully using it for over a year now. Yeah, I’m sorta a barista!

Luggage Travel Gear:

When taking a trip I am faced with deciding what size suitcase to bring. I love this BACKPACK because it functions as a backpack or wheeled suitcase. Bonus, It’s a great carry on size! I also love the color although that really isn’t a function. They have various sizes as well. In other useful regards, here are some tips on how to choose the best backpack!

Travel Gear,

Winter Travel Gear:

I live in the sunshine state and rarely have the opportunity to wear winter clothes. However, last Christmas I treated myself to a cozy, knee length jacket for my upcoming winter trip to Germany. Check it out here. I bought a medium and it fits perfectly! I usually leave the beach to go hiking in Asheville, North Carolina, once a year minimum. I needed some hiking boots to replace my trail runner tennis shoes and Amazon hooked me up! These boots provide ankle support which adds comfort while climbing narrow rocks in Chattanooga, TN. Stylish and functional boots for city life are also a must. I love these black boots with the fur and I trust the Columbia brand to keep me warm.

**Side note: For the guys in my audience, Check out these boots. My husband swears by them!

Travel Gear for a Laid Back Look:

Be still my heart! If you need a jacket that is tough against wind, has a hood and pockets, and makes you feel amazing…this is my favorite jacket I have ever owned. Seriously! It is lightweight and stylish. I never go on a trip without it! My favorite shoes I have ever bought for my travels are my Keen’s. They are stylish with a sandal feel but rugged enough to hike light trails and cobblestone! They come in numerous colors too! They are super easy to clean say after hiking dusty Mount Vesuvius. Growing up I was a Ked’s kid and I am so glad they are coming back into style. Keds are the perfect travel shoe. They are easy to slip on and can go with many different outfits. Oh and they are comfy! For colorful and comfortable travel shoes, check out Pages of Travel for the full scoop!

Travel Gear for Fitness:

I am always looking to stay active even while on the road. I recently bought this Woss trainer elite TRX set. I can wrap it around a tree, post, or even hang on my hotel door to get a total body workout! No gym required! I love these tennis shoes for activities! I am usually a Brooks or Nike girl. The colors here are my favorite! While this isn’t exactly a “fitness” item. I think it’s crucial for any outdoorsy wanderer. I have the yellow and grey while Michael uses the crimson and grey. These parachute hammocks  fold up tiny enough for your suitcase and are uber comfy when reading or blogging. It is my glorified office chair! Lastly, these sand cloud towels make the perfect lounging or workout mat. I love all of the colors!

Travel Gear for Clean Laundry:

Having clean laundry while traveling is essential so that strangers want to talk with you. I bought this Sea to Summit clothesline before our Italy trip and used it every few days. Perfect for hang drying clothes and all you need are some clothespins to go with it. It’s small and fits easily in my carry on!

IMG_5079Travel Gear,

Travel Gear Beverage Containers:

My husband loves his RTIC tumbler. It is half the cost of the Yeti brand and keeps his drinks cold for hours. Great Road trip item to have. Our newest Etsy items are paint dipped tumblers. Check out our homepage for the link! We haven’t tried to bring it on an airplane with us yet. Stay tuned!

Travel Gear,

Be well and travel often! CHEERS!

*Disclaimer: I do receive a small percent from Amazon for the links above at no additional cost to you. It helps to keep this site running. All opinions are my own. Most pictures are from

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