Romans on the train to Cortona, Italy

Train to Cortona, Italy

Train to Cortona, Italy

During your travels, there are moments that fill you with joy and laughter. These are the moments you hold on to. I love finding these moments when I travel. They often catch me by surprise like when on the train to Cortona, Italy.

On our Italy trip we met a couple about our parent’s age. They were from Rome but on their way to the Tuscan Valley for a weekend of biking. We met them whilst on the train to Cortona. We breathlessly caught the train with only seconds left to board and, of course, it was packed. This sweet couple moved their fold-able bikes for us to take a seat in their compartment. They giggled as we wiped the sweat from our brows and regained our composure.

Their names I have since forgotten but the impact they made on me, never. The woman was shy and quiet and spoke little to no English, quite like us speaking little to no Italian. The man was outgoing and glowing with happiness. He had spent a semester in his youth studying at a college in the USA and had mastered English. He was eager to practice and reminisce with us.

As we passed the rolling hills of the Tuscan valley, he told us stories of the history around us. Once the wife saw Michael and I trying to speak Italian, she bravely peeped out a few English-Italian words. This brought me joy because then we began teaching each other. Of course, Italian is 50% hand gestures and we had that down to a science. Most of my talking was backed by illustrations wit’s my phalanges. This was my first time stepping out and speaking a language I had never studied, and with real Italians at that! How liberating it was to hear their encouragements.

They departed a few stops ahead of us but kissed our cheeks, true European style, parting as friends. These are the moments I travel for. Strangers who become instantly connected to you while on the train to Cortona, Italy. I have so many of these treasures tucked safely in my heart! What are some of your favorite moments?

Be well and Travel often!

Where are you traveling to next?⇓ (We recommend Italy)

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