Charming college days: Explore Tuscaloosa, AL like a student

explore tuscaloosa, AL like a student

Explore Tuscaloosa, AL like a student

Though I am no longer a student, I will give you some insight into what college life is like at the University of Alabama. With football season 2 days away this is a fitting post. Tuscaloosa, AL-home of the Crimson Tide, ROLL TIDE ROLL! As an undergrad student, I fell in love with Ttown. Why? The underlying charm this city possesses. Any person, football fan or not, is susceptible to this charm.The city that brings friends together and weaves memories into an experience only once lived-if you are fortunate. There are many things in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to indulge in!

The charm begins at the Quad. The square of vibrant green and positive energy located at the center of campus. Home to Gorgas library, studying students, motivated tight ropers, and fit Frisbee frolickers. The quad is beautiful in all seasons. The summer is filled to the brim with green grass and shade trees-perfect for napping under. Fall is my favorite and is utterly breathtaking. There is a panorama of orange, yellow, and red hues as far as the eye can see. However, don’t get caught on the quad without high rain boots during heavy rain because you may float away!

The charm oozes its way downtown to “the strip”-A place where bars, live music, restaurants, and shops entice the youth to play. Rounders, Coppertop, El Rincon, The Houndstooth, and Black Warrior brewing are wonderful, to name a few. Whether you own a car or not, no worries. The crimson ride greets you with A/C and crimson clothed seats for a comfy ride around campus, including downtown.

Bryant-Denny stadium, my beloved, and what dreams are made of! This is where all the charm gathers 4 months out of the year. College football is the heartbeat of the south. Folks become near comatose and lacking purpose during the off season. Alabama football is the best of the SEC and, much of the time, the nation!

At this stadium you can consume Dreamland BBQ’s pulled pork nachos and a coke while watching the Greeks drunkenly stumble along in their fancy attire and Freshman hike to the nosebleed sections of novelty. The student section will bring you friendships that last millennia. No matter your differences, all become one when you hear, “This is Alabama Football!”. From the body paint and ESPN signs to the shakers and houndstooth hats, there is nothing more exhilarating!

Upon visiting campus as an alumni, I’m filled with mixed emotions. Pride is the dominant one as I see how campus has grown and the city has rebuilt after the devastating E4 tornado wrecked havoc in 2011. I was a student during that nightmare. When I see new coffee shops and craft breweries I know this city will remain on the map for years to come. My sister-in-law begins her journey this Fall and will begin to explore Tuscaloosa, AL like a student. I’m proud to pass the torch.

There are so many things in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to pass the time and many memories to make along the way! Oh Ttown, how I will always love you, in spite of the terrible roommates and fortunately for those who became sisters, the tough classes that taught me my trade, the advisers who guided my passions, and the tide for bringing me more National Championships to brag about.

Thank you most for being my first home away from home where you groomed me into the adult of today! Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer, Give ‘Em Hell Alabama!! #ttownneverdown

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explore tuscaloosa, AL like a student


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