Fairhope, Alabama: Art & Antiques Haven

things in fairhope alabama

Things in Fairhope, Alabama to try:

(a local’s guide)

Fairhope, Alabama, nestled underneath mossy trees on the Gulf Coast and surrounded by piers positioned upon waterways. Fairhope is a city of art and antiques in the South. Despite being one of the top retirement destinations in Alabama, this town is young at heart. We were fortunate to visit during Christmas time. The halls were decked from festive garland storefronts to illuminated trees in the town center. If it is cold enough, grab a hot chocolate and stroll down the glimmering streets at night, taking in all of the Holiday lights. Here are things we love to do each time we are in town.

So, what to do in Fairhope, AL? The magic happens year-round in this city. Cobblestone sidewalks guide your path past mom and pop restaurants, bookstores, cafes, and art boutiques. Page and Palette is my favorite spot for capturing my thoughts. It has been locally owned and run since 1968. It is neither bookstore, coffee house, nor bar but rather all three depending on the time of day you visit. Hemingway would have rented out a room upstairs had this place existed in the 1920s.


A few steps from this corner shop and you are immersed in the French Quarter of Fairhope-not unlike the one in New Orleans. Look inside to find beignets, local craft parlors, and fountains inside of this magical passageway.


This path transports visitors from one side of the street to the other unbeknownst to you. Once on the other side of this alley, you are a street crossing from Italy or Peru. Across the street awaits two phenomenal cuisine options: Cristina’s Peruvian Café or Pinzone’s Italian Village. Cristina’s is home to the best maduros (sweet plantains) on the Gulf Coast. Pinzone’s is a replica of Tuscany. I cannot help to speak Italian and feel homesick for Firenze upon arrival. Each “house” caters to different grazers. There is a wine bar for apertifs, pizza oven for the lunch crowd, and private “rooms” for intimate dining. However, homemade pizza, pasta, moscato, or gelato can be ordered from any spot in this “village”. And if dinner was not enough, head back across the street to Mr. Gene’s Beans for some ice cream and coffee.

Fairhope houses local art and book shops at every corner. Art is the mainstay of this town. The city has legendary art festivals, annually, and are perfect for any traveler. The city has recently added a Hogwart’s camp for young wizards and witches abound. I only wish I was young enough to participate too. For the “older” crowd, lest not forget to mention the new Fairhope Brewery. The brewery focuses on lighter ales and IPAs but occasionally have some amazing stouts! Our favorite: the Painted Black.

If you are not into shopping and want to spend time outdoors, I recommend going to one of the many piers or parks at sunset. The water is often placid and glassy -like that of a skating rink. Fairhope, Alabama packs much character into a few blocks. If you are ever in Southern Alabama or Northern Florida, it is not to be missed.


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things in fairhope alabama


things in fairhope alabama

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  1. So I am gonna be totally honest, Alabama has never been high on my travel radar. But reading your post and seeing your photos makes me think again. It looks quaint and scenic and down right charming. So thanks for changing my mind.

    1. Maegan says:

      I’m glad I could get you thinking about ole Bama. There’s more to it than hicks and cowboy boots LOL (Neither are my style) Besides, I search out cute towns only. LOL

  2. Valerie says:

    A cute little place and how fun there is a French quarter area too !

    Thanks for sharing

    Valerie recently posted…A Day at the Washington State CapitolMy Profile

    1. Maegan says:

      Thanks for reading! It’s a fun little area for a lazy day.

  3. Nofar says:

    I don’t know that I would have ever thought of going to Fairhope, but you have certainly opened my eyes. May have to put this one on my list.

    1. Maegan says:

      Thanks for reading!

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