A weekend in Saint Petersburg & Tampa, Florida

cuban food, breweries, and beaches

Cuban food, breweries, and beaches

Sometimes a girl just needs a long getaway visiting girlfriends from college. July 2014 led me to Tampa and St. Pete for just that reason. I went for a visit with my fellow dietitian and college companion. It was my first trip taken alone since we had started paying down our debt and much needed. Check out these budget-friendly hotels for your Tampa trip!

So here is your guide to Saint Petersburg & Tampa, Florida: Cuban food, breweries, and beaches. I arrived at Tampa International as she was getting off work-perfect timing and we headed to the mall for window shopping and a coffee pick-me-up.



Cuban Food

The fun began that evening in downtown Tampa over chocolate stouts while meeting her new friends. The next afternoon, we spent time in Ybor City having meaningful conversations over Cuban food-my favorite. It had been since my wedding that I saw her. It warmed my heart to see her living life in this beautiful area and her bravery being away from family! After some girls’ time we called the crew and met up at The Getaway-how appropriate.


Fish dip and wheat beer filled us with joy and laughter for hours! The evening came upon us quickly but a promise of local brews filled the air. We gathered again at 3 Daughters Brewery (located in St. Pete) that had just opened the January prior. One of the best oatmeal stouts I have ever put into my body! I loved 3 daughters because of the atmosphere and the numerous games awaiting my inner child. Our group grew after we became the ring toss champs and were challenged in table shuffleboard-it’s miniature shuffleboard, so cute!


Girls just wanna have fun-and so do guys- so we all crashed well after 3 AM (haven’t done that since college). The next morning we were awaken to the aroma of homemade egg muffins-courtesy of new friends! After a nourishing breakfast and coffee, we made plans to beach it! We sluggishly headed to Medeira beach to hydrate and regain our vitality. Sand cloud towels make everything more stylish whilst at the beach!

After lots of H2O and kindergarten style naps we headed to Cooper’s Hawk winery for dinner and vino.

Before flying home, we went to Downtown St. Pete to walk along the water and plan for our next visit. We laughed at the new memories we had created and remembered why we had became friends in the first place! Tampa and St. Pete are FULL of hidden gems, like the murals you can find all over town!

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A weekend in Saint Petersburg & Tampa, Florida

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Just an hour away lies another hidden gem in the sunshine state: Sarasota, FL. This destination is high on my list for stunning beaches and delicious cuisine. Perhaps our next girl’s trip will find us there!

**EXCERPT: While not on this trip, but one I took July 2016, I went to a conference in Tampa and made pit stops in Tampa and St. Pete. (Cigar City brewery, Tampa Bay brewery, 3 daughters, and  St. Pete brewing Company) It was wonderful to see the growth in craft beers since my last visit.

Although my friend has since moved, I still love this area! Cheers to Cuban food, breweries, and beaches! I also want to thank my hosts for letting me crash and play with her pups-airbnb.com is the bomb.com**



cuban food, breweries, and beaches     cuban food, breweries, and beaches

Where will you travel to next?⇓ (South Florida?)

**This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own**

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  2. […] A weekend in Saint Petersburg & Tampa, Florida […]

  3. […] A weekend in Saint Petersburg & Tampa, Florida […]

  4. […] A weekend in Saint Petersburg & Tampa, Florida […]

  5. […] A weekend in Saint Petersburg & Tampa, Florida […]

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