Naysayers: Overcoming the Doubts

picture taken looking at the Left wing of the airplane, in the clouds

I am writing this piece as a consolation to those experiencing adversity by those who you ache most for their approval. As I begin to tell those closest to us about our plans to live abroad, we often get mixed responses. The usual questions are filled with intrigue and fear: Why do you want to go away for so long? How will you afford it? Can you travel between countries easily? Are the dogs coming with you?

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The Crossroads: An inner struggle of change

Crossroads inner struggle of change

I do not see my life as a failure. I do not see my plan to move abroad as a setback or “giving up”. Everything in my life, up to this point, has taught me strength, ambition, and determination. I would argue that everything happens for a reason and all that I have done has prepared me for this very moment, these very crossroads. Situations are seasons of your life that come around to guide, redirect, or to teach you life’s grand lessons. Are you paying attention?

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Traveling with Dogs

travel with spaniels

There is so much planning and packing that goes with bringing your dogs with you on a trip. Those of you who are parents are probably rolling your eyes and laughing at our novice notions. That is OK. Our dogs are the closest family, to human offspring, that we have, so bear with us.

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