10 BEST Coffee shops in Pensacola, FL: Your guide to staying Caffeinated!

coffee shops in Pensacola, FL

Coffee shops in Pensacola, FL

It is no surprise that this blog runs off coffee. Working full time and blogging every spare second, means late nights and sleep deprivation! I couldn’t do it without espresso! Luckily, my home-base keeps me well-caffeinated. Here’s a roundup of coffee shops in Pensacola,...

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Things to do in Milton, FL: The Canoe Capital of Florida

Things to do in Milton, FL

Things to do in Milton, FL

About thirty minutes from Pensacola, lies Milton, FL, a small town located in Santa Rosa County. Milton, FL offers access to Coldwater, Blackwater, and Sweetwater waterways. Here are a few of our favorite things to do in Milton, FL.

As we arrived into town we stopped by the Milton Bakery and gorged on cinnamon twists, nutmeg fudge drops, and donuts! The bakery is...

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DIY Taco Crawl: Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Tacos of Pensacola

Taco Crawl: Cinco De Mayo

America has a way of creating National Holidays that gives us an excuse to engage in revelry and debauchery. Which one am I referring to today? Cinco de Mayo (Cinco de Drinko) AKA: Tacos and Tequila Day! We joined in on the fun by creating our own Taco Crawl: Cinco de Mayo style. We ate our way throughout Pensacola, FL. We found 3 taco havens we hadn’t tried...

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Pensacola, FL: Downtown and the Beach

Pensacola, FL: downtown and the beach

Pensacola, FL, city of 5 flags and tenant on the Gulf of Mexico. My adopted home of 5 years. The city that has nourished my career growth. The town that continually shapes my young adulthood. Celebrator of pelicans. Trainer of the Navy. Keeper of the Emerald Coast. Calamity and Calm when I need them both. Pensacola, FL-the Northwest haven of the Florida Panhandle.

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