Sea Therapy: leave your worries at the beach

sunny day at pensacola beach

Sea Therapy leave worries behind

I am sitting here in the dense fog of a 69 *F, January evening. The Gulf is choppy, the sand soggy, and my glasses are sprinkled with saltwater spray. Why did I pay $1 to come across the bridge for this? Umm…because it’s $1 and the cheapest stress “pill” I have ever paid for!

I dodged panic attacks all day and left work feeling overwhelmed. Instead of going home to be a couch potato, I made a bee line for the beach. What good is having the beach in your backyard if you can’t get some sea therapy after work? I think to myself, “ahh”, sea therapy leave worries behind me.

sea therapy leave worries behind,

Never has the beach seemed so eerie; not even during the night of making love under the starry sky, not knowing what was moving beside you. Though not an ideal day, it is calming to be here. I am taking shelter near the fishing pier. Despite the fog, I am content to shut my eyes and cocoon myself inside of my rain jacket while listening to the rhythmic clashing of the ocean against the shore. Lots of surfers are keeping me company as they sprawl onto the challenging waves. These ocean adventurers plunge in and out of view along with the curious shell collectors.

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sea therapy leave worries behind,     sea therapy leave worries behind,

I am happy to just BE. The beach can make anyone lighter. Screams of glee and frolicking laughter arise on either side of me. Such delight is any moment at the beach. How lucky am I to re-fuel from others’ positive energy and joy. I was beginning to run low. Yep, days like this, the waves are calling to me like a beacon through the anxiety and stress. The waves are the only thing overwhelming here. When you realize how small you are, your problems begin to dissolve like that of the powder-white sand of Pensacola Beach.  Leaving my worries behind. Be Well and Travel Often!

sea therapy leave worries behind   sea therapy leave worries behind


sea therapy leave worries behind

Remember to leave just your footprints behind!

Where do you go to find reprieve from the over stimulation of life? Comment below, Like, Follow & Share!

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  1. Marta says:

    Absolutely love misty beach days and completely agree that beaches are such great therapy!
    Marta recently posted…Top 4 Best Spring Break BeachesMy Profile

    1. Maegan says:

      The beach is magical!

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