A Glimpse of a Dietitian’s Daily Activities: What we do and where!

dietitian's daily activities

A Dietitian’s daily activities

“All Dietitians are nutritionists, but not all nutritionists are Dietitians”Georgia State University School of Health

First, we should learn the differences between a Registered Dietitian (RD), Dietetic Technician Registered (DTR), and a Nutritionist.

  • A Registered Dietitian (RD) must obtain at least a 4-year bachelor’s degree, complete 1000+ hours in a supervised practice program, and pass the Commission on Dietetic Registration Exam. Additionally, a RD must have 75 hours of Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) every 5 years to maintain registration status. A RD must also be Licensed in Nutrition if practicing in Florida. The Licensure requires 30 hours of CEUs be maintained every 2 years.
  • A Dietetic Technician Registered (DTR) must obtain at least a 2-year degree, complete 450+ hours of supervised practice, and pass the Commission on Dietetic Registration Exam. Additionally, a DTR must have 50 hours Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) every 5 years to maintain registration status.
  • A Nutritionist may obtain a degree in nutrition sciences from an institution or obtain a certificate online. Additional supervised practice is not completed. Nutritionists are not eligible to sit for the registration exam.

Where do we work?

The majority of a dietitian’s daily activities revolve around the treatment and prevention of disease administering medical nutrition therapy often as part of medical teams in hospitals, HMOs, private practices, or other health-care facilities. In addition, a large number of RDs work in community public health settings, academia, and research. A growing number of RDs work in the food and nutrition industry, business, journalism, sports nutrition, corporate wellness programs, and other non-traditional work settings-IE: freelance, blogging, or internet nutrition.

Why did I become an RD?

I have had many family members fight chronic illnesses that could have been prevented through lifestyle changes. I watched my grandmother fight cancer and my grandfather fight asthma and COPD-both were overweight.Both sides of my genetics holds cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

I knew I wanted to work in healthcare to help others. I am a people person after all and It’s my calling! I also selfishly wanted to learn about nutrition and and how I could improve my health outcomes later in life. If I can help just one person a week, my job is fulfilled! Clinically , it is hard to build rapport with patients in a short window of time before they are discharged. I believe I am given that time for a reason and will try my damnedest to bring them into the light so to speak. My ultimate dream job is to work in the outpatient wellness sector of nutrition. I want to help others BEFORE they end up sick in a hospital bed. Everything I do, and my clinical dietitian’s daily activities, prepare me for that future.

Be well and Travel often!

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