Features Including The Wanderlust Dietitian

  1. Our blog post was shared by Florida State Parks-located on, October 2016
  2. Maegan was an expert dietitian for the meal plan project, December 2016
  3. Our post, “Traveling with Dogs” was hosted on the Safari Dogs website to support Rescue dogs in Thailand, January 2017
  4. Contributor to the Travel Blog Success: North America Travel Tips, Pinterest board, January 2017
  5. Contributor to the Travel Blog Success: Europe Travel Tips, Pinterest board, February 2017
  6. Contributor to the Female Travel Bloggers Pinterest boards regarding Europe, travel tips, and North America, February 2017
  7. Maegan was interviewed and featured in Women’s Health Magazine for weight loss tips, June 2017
  8. Creation of walking maps for Walkli. See our profile here!

Product Reviews written by The Wanderlust Dietitian

  1. KIND snacks
Blog Interviews
  1. The Wanderlust Dietitian was featured as the travel blogger of the month for February on Travel Blog Squad. Take a look at our interview.
  2. While in Portland, OR, The Wanderlust Dietitian was on the Irish podcast of Peace, Love, and Soup, March 2017
Guest Posts from The Wanderlust Dietitian
  1. Wanderlust Expert guest post on Seeking Neverland blog about: Traveling With Dogs
  2. On Em Dashed website to encourage vacationers to try out inland cities beyond the coast.
  3. Going Nomad Series on The Winged Fork.
  4. Traveller’s Tales on In Africa and Beyond
  5. The Gypsy Heart Travels: Staying Fit on the Road
  6. A Broke Backpack: Inspiration from 17 travel girls
  7. Pages of Travel: 33 of the coolest street art around the world
  8. Travel Tattoo Collab: Northern Lauren
  9. Best Food Markets in Europe : Addie Abroad
  10. Travel Mementos: The Wandering Darlings
  1. Travel Blogger of the month of February for the Travel Blog Squad.
  2. Featured Blogger of the month of August for Adventures with Nienie


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