Peeling off the labels

Peeling off labels

peeling off labels

There are so many labels that exist in our world. It becomes impossible to find your true self without being reprimanded or dissuaded. We label people to better understand them or to find similarities between them. We label when we don’t understand others’ religions, sexuality, gender definition, lifestyle, etc. Most people fit into more than ONE box. I don’t know anyone who fits into just one! Time to start peeling off labels!

Growing up I preferred to play outside in the dirt and to learn sports. Sweat and scars were my badges of honor. I grew up being the only girl in our area of the neighborhood and I had to be tough. I was labeled as a tomboy.

peeling off labels

As middle school approached, I became interested in makeup and my femininity. I was afraid of being labeled as a girly girl so I did not try too hard. Of course, the boys I crushed on always went for “THAT” type of girl so I never stood a chance.

I have always loved to learn and will never stop expanding my horizons. However, in grade school this labeled me a nerd. Today, people strive to be considered “geek”. Geek, meaning lover of Harry Potter, Disney, and Lord of the Rings, for examples. I remember getting made fun of for sporting my Hermoine Granger Halloween costume.

In a world where social media rules the roost, these labels are even harder to remove. Everything is placed in the spotlight and judged heavily in order to decide where you “fit” in society. Clothes, hairstyles, choice of tattoos, gender identification, and political stances ALL label your place here. I am constantly torn on who I should be and who I want to be. I can always tell you who I should be but I am only now becoming friends with who I WANT to be.

Let’s allow people to be individuals and choose who they are rather than what labels society stamps on them. Who is society anyway? Oh yeah, you, me, and millions of other folks in our culture. We need a redefinition of society.

People are not 100% like You. Thank God! This world would be so boring and unoriginal. There would be no interest in travel as everyone would be the same. A monotone world. We all know the best part of traveling is mixing and mingling with cultures unlike our own. I urge you to embrace the differences around you and learn something.

As a late twenties career-woman, BUT ALSO a liberal in the southern USA AND a heterosexual married woman (who supports equal rights for LGBT) with NO children, who strives to move abroad and leave everything behind, listens to all genres of music, and wears whatever she damn well pleases, who am I? I am Maegan and I support you peeling off labels that bind!

Cheers to ripping off our labels and rediscovering who we want to become!

Be well and travel often!

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