Best of Northern Italy in 4 days!

Northern Italy 4 day itinerary

Northern Italy in 4 days

Our first time visit to Northern Italy

(This is the 3rd post in the series about our trip though out Italy)

What to see in Venice

Day 1-A 5 hour train ride to Venice awaits us. Luckily our host met us at the train station so no miscommunication here! We stayed on the mainland but there are hotels on the canal as well!

On the train ride I ponder back on our trip and think how nomadic, social, and brave we have been that our returning home may be boring. This trip has changed us in so many ways-we’re surely not the same. 

The first pizza we had in Venice was a pure tourist-frozen mess! Venice let us down with how touristy it was. There were more outsiders running the town than Italians! After visiting San Marco Piazza for gelato and a bottle of wine we did the ultimate tourist feat! We hired a gondola ride. We enjoyed that bottle wine on our 40 minute ride and it was worth every expensive Euro. Our gondolier loved us after finding out we were from Florida. He and his family vacation on the Emerald Coast annually!

Venice improved for us quickly! Later on, we found a locally grown wine shop owned by two brothers. They gave us Pinot Grigio “to-go” in a water bottle because they had none bottled for consumer purchase yet. Not to bad on our first time visit to Northern Italy! After being drunk on wine and high on love we managed to ride the Vaporetta back to the bus station and onward home. We were staying in an amazing house on the mainland!


Things to do in Murano & Burano

The tourists were too much so we island hopped between Murano and Burano. In Murano, we watched glass being blown into amazing shapes and warmed up in a gelato and espresso shop. I highly recommend going off path to Burano if you want the “Italian family experience”! As evening fell, we had dinner with ALL locals, at a mom and pop restaurant. There was a boy’s soccer (futbol) team having dinner after practice. It felt like moments from my own childhood!


Things to see in Verona

Lunch spot: Trattoria al Isolo This is a family-owned haven for different entrees. This was like eating at my Papaw’s house. We ate spaghetti and duck ragu followed by ravioli and horse steak. Our “Italian grandfather” even went to his cellar to find us Moscato because we are strange Americans! We later had gelato at the restaurant that created the first ice cream sandwich before heading back to sleep in mainland Venice. This was one of the best places we ate during our first time visit to Northern Italy! Book Venice Day Trips on Viator


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Be well and Travel often.



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  1. Italy has been #1 on my to-go list for a while! I’ve heard people say Venice is touristy but as someone who hasn’t been there yet, I still have hope it’ll be amazing (slowly lowering my expectations, but). I had a couple of friends visit Italy last fall and then also ate a ton of gelato (like thrice in one day, I heard) haha.
    Kimberly Go recently posted…I Skipped Class to Go to DubaiMy Profile

    1. Maegan says:

      Italy is our favorite! Go and enjoy Venice! It’s beautiful and dreamy just be aware of the tourist hoards and don’t hesitate to explore neighboring cities!

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