Bucket List Ideas from an adventuress

bucket list ideas

Bucket list ideas for you adventurous sorts:

I actually have about 106 items on my bucket list, BUT since this is a TRAVEL blog, I have omitted the travel to XX country type items. Here is my revised bucket list focusing on life goals other than travel directly. The BLUE or RED items are the ones I have already completed. If you want my full list shoot me a comment below with your email and I will Hook you up!

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss, but that it is too low and we reach it.”- Michelangelo

  1. Sky dive
  2. Parasail                                                          bucket list ideas

3. Deep sea fish

4. Celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary (4yrs down)!

5. Be fluent in another language

6. Ride in a hot air balloon

7. Get a Master’s degree             bucket list ideas

8. Marry my best friend             bucket list ideas

9. Run a half marathon              bucket list ideas

10. Celebrate new year’s in NYC

11. Do a paleontology dig-dinosaurs

12. Be hypnotized

13. Crowd surf at a concert

14. Join the mile high club

15. Get a tattoo        bucket list ideas bucket list ideas

16. Ski or snowboard

17. Take singing lessons

18. Watch a meteor shower

19. Go white water rafting

20. Go sailing on a sailboat

21. Donate blood/plasma

22. Go dog sledding

23. Make love in a public place (no pictures…obviously)

24. Visit the wreckage of the Titanic

25. Go to AMA’s (American Music Awards)

26. Meet nick carter-I will forever be a BSB fan

27. Watch sea turtles hatch or play with them in CANCUN

28. Go to Macy’s day parade in NYC

29. Dance on a bar-coyote ugly

30. Eat off a food truck            Drinking your way through Portland, OR. A guide to coffee, breweries, and outdoor adventures.

31. Experience zero gravity

32. Attend a Mardi Gras ball           bucket list ideas

33. Be in a flash mob

34. Be an extra in movie or broad way show

35. Spend new year’s in another country

36. Have a palm reading

37. Go to a drive-in movie theatre

38. Go paddle boarding        bucket list ideas

39. Go floundering/spear fishing

40. Have a white Christmas- because I grew up in the South where you wear shorts at Christmas

41. Let go of a floating paper lantern-that is ec0-friendly, of course

42. Paint a hippie van

43. Win an award for a photograph I took

44. Go to a live UFC fight

45. Learn how to swing dance (like mamaw & papaw)

46. Get completely debt-free

47. Watch Michael graduate college

48. Tandem bike with my husband

49. Go grape stomping

50. Volunteer to help build a house

51. Publish a book-travel memoir

52.  Do a color run                    bucket list ideas

53. Create my family tree (as far as I can)

54. Have a bonfire on the beach

55. Complete a mud run

56. Go to the Summer Olympics anywhere

57. Vineyard hop my way around Napa/Sonoma valley

58. Attend a World’s Fair

59. Go to the Kentucky Derby, wear a big hat, and drink a mint julep

60. Get DNA tested for ancestry (23 and me)- I am mostly Irish & British with a dash of French and German (AKA: a mutt)


How many ideas can you come up with for your bucket list? Are any of these some you may want to try? Have you completed any of these?

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Be well and Travel often!

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  1. Beau says:

    Nice list! Spending the night on a sailboat is on my list!

    1. maegan89 says:

      I currently live in Florida and need to take advantage of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico here!

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