A beginner’s guide to Myrtle Beach, SC in 1 week

A beginner's guide to Myrtle Beach, SC


A beginner’s guide to Myrtle Beach, SC

While in college, Michael and I were long distance dating (14 hours apart to be exact). We decided that for Spring Break 2009, we would meet halfway in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This week would mark our 1 year dating anniversary and the first time we had seen each other in 3 months. My parents booked the hotel, since we were underage, and we reimbursed them. At the time, I was working at an alumni call center in the evenings and Michael was helping run a tractor supply store. Needless to say, our hotel was CHEAP! Without further ado, Here is a beginner’s guide to Myrtle Beach, SC to help you effectively plan your next trip!

I could not sleep well the night before my journey and decided to get an early start at 2 AM. I had a 9 hour road trip to accomplish and I was attempting it ALONE! To stretch our money, I packed pots, pans, and ALL non-perishable food items in my apartment, to feed us on our trip.

The drive up was uneventful until 6 hours in, when it began to down pour rain!During this event, my driver’s side windshield wiper literally FLEW OFF behind me! “Oh shit!”, I thought as I took the next exit to a truck stop. To add to the drama, I had received my first GPS for my birthday and was eager to use it on this adventure but fate had other plans. Being that my Mercury Cougar was a 2001, it was not prepared for the voltage my Garmin was throwing down. I blew a fuse!

ROOKIE MISTAKE: I had no Rainex for my windshields, to assist me in the rain storm, nor did I have extra fuses to replace my blown one. Do people actually carry these things with them? Hell, I didn’t even know where my fuse box was located.

Luckily for my old-fashioned self, I had printed step-by-step Google map directions and was able to get to my hotel. I could hardly wait to see Michael and wondered how much more he may have changed in 3 months! Our hotel, of which I’ve forgotten the name, was a decrepit mix of concrete and twisted iron work. (Maybe it was called the Polynesian??) Anyways, it was a hot spot for cheap spring breakers alike! We unpacked, grab some groceries, and hit the hot tub!

It would not be a beginner’s guide to Myrtle Beach, SC without some touristic places. We visited the boardwalk at the beach the following days and window shopped like the broke college kids we were. We fed the ducks there and got matching shoulder, Henna tattoos. (We were SO cool ya’ll). We had dinner at Margaritaville as Jimmy Buffet serenaded us with “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and strolled the beach every night. On consecutive days, we visited the M&M factory and The Hard Rock Cafe.


On March 18, 2009, our 1 year anniversary, we had an amazing day planned! Morning brought us high into the air in a helicopter to overlook the beach and ocean. We swam in the water and warmed our pale bodies underneath a blue sky. We had dinner at a Hibachi grill, Michael’s first experience with one. It was a amazing seeing the delight come over his face as the chef concocted new tricks with fire. Afterwards, Michael drove us to The Palace Theater, which looked like something our of India or Aladdin. He trailed behind as I climbed the marble white stairs to the top. After telling me to close my eyes then to open them, I saw a beautiful pink sapphire ring awaiting my acceptance (and a nervous Michael holding it). This was my anniversary gift, a promise ring with a promise attached to always see us through the difficult times. I felt damn special to wear it! We had been through a lot in the last year, only seeing each other 3 times, and now much hope for the future was kindled!

To wrap our romantic evening up, we went to a not-so-romantic nightclub called Club Kryptonite. We were dancing the night away until I almost got Michael beat up.

Let me explain: A burly, 6’5″ boy continuously stepped all over my poor toes, without apologizing. Now, I am 5’4″ and have the spunk of an Irish fighter when I need it. I finally had enough and shoved, with all my might, that guy 4 feet in front of me! He cut his eyes at Michael, who was oblivious to the events taking place. The guy moved towards Michael with the intent to fight and I stepped between them. I told this idiot that I was the one who pushed him because he would NOT stop stepping on my feet! He abashedly apologized and hurried to the other side of the club, I was victorious!

The best part about this club, however, was watching a young, drunken girl make out with a guy’s forehead, yes forehead! It was epic in all the wrong ways! Lastly, it would not be spring break without someone dropping their phone onto your back patio, from 3 stories above you, and leaving a love note for us to return it to them. (You can’t make it up)

A beginner's guide to Myrtle Beach, SC

Our week together came to an abrupt end, as it always seems to do. We took our broke selves to McDonald’s for a breakfast of champions. We paid in coins, no dollar bills. We had spent the last of our money we had saved for this adventure, all of $800 or so. Sadly now, we could spend that in a few days in Portland, OR. Either way, vagabonding has always been a passion we enjoyed indulging in.We’re never fearful of moving to be nearer to one another. We hope this has been a helpful beginner’s guide to Myrtle Beach, SC.

A beginner's guide to Myrtle Beach, SC

While this was a story about a spring break years ago, it does shed light that there is not a plethora of things to get in to in Myrtle Beach, SC. The beach and the boardwalk is the place to hang, making this the PERFECT place to chill out for a few days!

Be Well and Travel Often!


A beginner's guide to Myrtle Beach, SC

*This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own**

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  1. Sounds like you had an eventful visit! The boardwalk looks like a great place to hang out.
    Jollies and Jaunts recently posted…Ten things you need to do in BerlinMy Profile

  2. Haley says:

    sounds like you hit all the right spots at Myrtle. I’ve been going there for years and often overlook a lot of things tourist would see as “major” events. But I deff feel that you can’t leave out the helicopter ride and a nice meal at Margaritaville !
    Haley recently posted…Ginnie Springs — traveling with strangersMy Profile

  3. Sara says:

    It looks like such a beautiful place that obviously has special meaning to you! Do you think you could spend less time in Myrtle Beach and still get the same experience?
    Sara recently posted…Off We Go!My Profile

    1. Maegan says:

      Absolutely! 4 days would even be plenty!

  4. Natasha says:

    We went to Myrtle Beach last year and spent an entire week there and had a blast. Your post reminds me of all of the fun that we had there. I went with my family and we spent quite a bit of time in buffets and ball games. Loved the boardwalk and the beach as well! And you and I seem to match on the spunk!

  5. It is so cuute!! I love your gift!! I sounds like you guys really had fun!!

    1. Maegan says:

      For two 20 year olds, we really enjoyed it!

    2. Maegan says:

      I was completely surprised by the promise ring, and it’s hard to surprise me! He did good (and I still have it after 8yrs)

  6. Yolanda says:

    Wow! Sounds like you had an exciting and fun filled weekend. I have never been to Myrtle Beach but it sounds like a blast.
    Yolanda recently posted…Where Did Your Art Go? Iā€™m so glad you asked.My Profile

  7. Lacey says:

    This sounds like such a fun vacation! Congrats to you both! So much love! Fun photos, makes me wish I was there living it up! šŸ™‚ cheers!

    1. Maegan says:

      Thank you so much! We have now been married almost 4 years! Amazing how time flies!

    2. Maegan says:

      Thank you! 8 years ago seems like another lifetime…in a way, I guess it was haha

  8. Becky says:

    Ah what a lovely adventure together. I would love to do the helicopter ride, sounds amazing. Was it expensive?

    1. Maegan says:

      It was amazing! Gosh, I can hardly remember the cost, BUT I know our budget hotel offered us vouchers for our anniversary, which saved us money haha

  9. Marguerite says:

    Wonderful! What’s travel without a little adventure šŸ™‚ These stories restore my faith in love, haha.

    1. Maegan says:

      Oh gosh! Thank you! Love is out there. It’s easy to fall in love and difficult to stay in love, sometimes. I’m very lucky to have known Michael since we were 4 yrs old!

  10. Rebecca says:

    Sounds like quite an adventure you had! I haven’t been to Myrtle Beach since I was a kid so I’m curious how much it’s changed. It holds some special memories for me since my family would gather with aunts, cousins, grandparents, etc every summer. I’d love to know what it’s like now.
    Rebecca recently posted…My #1 Secret to Finding Discounted Business Class Airfare on an Economy Fare BudgetMy Profile

    1. Maegan says:

      Oh how special! We have not been in 8 yrs. I’m curious to know if that rickety hotel is still around.

  11. I love this story. Totally reminds me of myself when I traveled in college. And I would nwver have thought to bring fuses either. Lol. And I love the way you described the clun scene. A girl making out with some guy’s forehead and you almost getting Micheal
    Beaten up. Great stuff!! Oxoxo

    1. Maegan says:

      Haha Club Kryptonite don’t play bahaha The windshield wipers blowing off of my car was something out of slap stick comedy! You can’t make this stuff up haha

  12. BonBon says:

    Bookmarking… thank you:) My fave is the boardwalk but we only stayed for 2 nights here so next time we’ll stay a bit longer:)
    BonBon recently posted…Puerto Rico, Your All-Star IslandMy Profile

    1. Maegan says:

      I would love to visit again now that we are much older. I’m sure it will have a different feel 2nd time around.

  13. Anna says:

    Awesome! It’s on my bucket list to go on a helicopter ride. Sounds like a great spring break!

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