Be happy and find Freedom in yourself!

be happy find freedom

Be Happy and Find Freedom

I have been reading “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, and I am learning much about myself. These things I already knew but rather I am now viewing them with intrigued eyes. There is happiness and freedom in realizing that your interests are enough. So, be happy and find freedom in YOUR interests.

I am the type of person who takes personality tests. I took the Jung and Bring Myer’s personality test to find that I am an INFJ. I am introverted, nurturing, feeling, and judging (it’s the Pisces in me). I struggled with the first part of being an introvert. It is commonly used in a negative way and I almost felt ashamed and dejected for being such a person.

be happy find freedom
The more soul-searching I do to prepare for 2017, the more I am falling in love with me. So cheesy but true! I am a walking irony. I love concerts but hate crowds. I am a chatty Cathy but need a break from people in order to recharge. I will talk with strangers as if we have been friends for years yet have severe and sometimes limiting social anxiety. You can understand, then, why I never have known what truly made me happy. Until now…

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Luckily, I have always loved to read and have not mistaken that gift. I can bring a book with me anywhere I wander. I love renting books from the library, to save money, but mostly because of that old book smell! I’m Maegan and I am weird. Despite being a book whore, I am NOT an inside homebody (as some might wrongly assume). Do you want to drive me mad? Leave me inside, on the couch, and in front of the TV for more than 3 hours, I will break!

While I love quiet/solo time, I’d rather spend these moments by a splashing body of water or strolling along a shaded, tree-lined path as the sun glimmers through the leaves. Working in a hospital is a mental game of utmost stature. I am “trapped” (not actually) for 8+ hrs a day indoors with fake lights and fake plants. I generally divide my breaks into short bursts of outdoor pondering to break out of the monotony that is corporate life. I can be happy and find freedom in the little things! (Good thing we are working towards expat life in Europe). 

be happy find freedom


While I am usually drawn to self-help books or travel memoirs (hope to write my own someday) of the nonfiction sort, my complexing personality prefers fictional TV shows and movies to realism. I love a good superhero or action film. Harry Potter, Captain America, and Matrix are a few off my faves. However, I prefer Tv shows over movies on most days.

Another “fun” I enjoy is watching college football! I am an Alabama Crimson Tide fan (since birth) but religiously follow the SEC network win Saturdays in the Fall. I blame this on my Southern heritage. Despite having a younger sister, I grew up surrounded by ~5 neighborhood boys (one of which became my husband, Michael). Dirt and sweat were the tariffs of our backyard games. My mom insisted in keeping my nails painted because I always had dirt tucked beneath them, despite many, many baths. My hair stayed braided behind me and my pants always had holes worn in the knees from my rough play.

I could do anything the boys could do and still can. This my friends, is where Maegan the feminist was born. Equal rights for all!

be happy find freedom

While my preferred solo nature is quiet and peaceful, it is far from lazy. I am hiking, jogging, or beaching it whenever possible. My favorite thing to fiddle in is trip planning. From a weekend get-a-way to a year abroad and from domestic to International, I love to trip plan. I love to plan period. My sister gets on to me for “planning my life away” and “not being spontaneous enough” but I enjoy this process. Hell, at 27, I even have a bucket list! I believe when you write your dreams down on paper they become a plan and a plan can be put into action. Besides, it has worked thus far for me so THERE! When all of these fail, I dive into these items for relaxation!

Be happy and Find Freedom!

be happy find freedom

To summarize: “The Happiness Project” book is really allowing me to appreciate what I am good at versus what I “think” I should be interested in. I love talking to everyone about everything-especially while traveling in another country and attempting a new language. After said conversation, I need downtime to reflect and rejuvenate from these over-stimulation (that’s the introvert in me).

It is okay to be Maegan because no one else can be me as well as I can be me. While you have gotten to know me a little better in this post, I hope you take the time get to know yourself too! Cheers and may 2017 bring you mindful self-love and glorious adventures!

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  2. I love this perspective. It sounds like I need to read this book as well. I’m normally the HP or Hubger Games type of girl too but have been throwing in more self finding and actualization books. Maybe it comes with getting older. Be the best version of yourself.
    Shannalyn West recently posted…10 Tips for Better Travel Photos with a GoProMy Profile

    1. Maegan says:

      I love that “be the best version of yourself” Absolutely right!
      Maegan recently posted…A beginner’s guide to Myrtle Beach, SC in 1 weekMy Profile

  3. Christine says:

    I love this! Totally agree to living life by your own rules. I love your passion for reading books, I need to do this more. The Happiness Project seems like a lovely way for me to begin! Thanks for sharing.

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