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About the movers and shakers

About the Movers and Shakers

“20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain

About the movers and shakers

About the movers and shakers: Hey y’all, I’m Maegan White, a southern Alabama girl with an adventurous spirit. At age 18, I left my home country (USA) to explore Mexico on a cruise ship. We ventured to Cozumel and Calica. On this trip, I realized I was a different traveler than my family. While they wanted to do planned excursions, I begged to rent a Jeep and search out the Mayan ruins or dance with locals at Market. They won.

In college, I ventured all over the Southeastern USA in search of new surroundings. I dreamed of living abroad in a European country someday. After college, I became a Registered Dietitian and obtained a Masters in Public Health while working full-time at my “big girl job”. I spent the next 5 years chasing society’s dreams, and that has led me to the here and now.

I call myself The Wanderlust Dietitian because nutrition affords me a life of adventure…sorta. I have worked as a clinical dietitian in a hospital, an adjunct professor at a local college, a health educator for a corporate wellness company, a freelancer, and I was the President of my local dietetic chapter.

How often do we travel?

As often as we can! My main and steady job, the last 5 years, has been my hospital gig. With it I receive 15 days vacation, 3 personal days, and 8 holidays to spend as I wish. We typically spend 2-3 weeks in Europe each year with weekend getaways around the USA, as our schedules allow!

A little about Maegan & Michael

About the movers and shakers

Michael and I have a unique story, one that parallels the fairy tales of Disney. We have known each other since we were 4 years old! He lived across the street from me in Mobile, AL and we went to grade school together. At age 6, my father caught us kissing and “playing house” in my backyard playhouse and he was grounded (after being dragged across the street by his shirt tail). When we were 9, Michael’s family moved to Virginia for job prospects, separating us but never our connection. We wrote letters and emails every few years and our mother’s sent family Christmas cards to keep in touch. Michael moved quite often in Virginia while I remained steady in my life in Southern Alabama.

I could not wait to leave for college and “Live my life my way!” (What teenager doesn’t feel that way?) After being in college for 3 months, guess who finds me on Facebook, Yep, Michael. “BOY WAS HE HANDSOME!” That was all I could think! We began catching up on the last 9 years of our lives and our minds and hearts were growing restless! We were 14 hours apart but yearned to have a life together!

We began “officially” dating 4 months after getting back into touch. It was spring break and he, now 19, flew from VA to AL to ask me to “be his girlfriend” in person. (The only way I would accept it). Fast forward through 3 1/2 years of long distance dating, a few moves, and several job changes and here we are, now married for almost 4 years and together almost 9 years total. We are about to move to Europe to finally live in another country, a dream come true! Together we have traveled to countries and numerous cities.

Michael supports my crazy dreams and all that is wanderlusty in me. He is my person and the moral support behind The Wanderlust Dietitian and our site’s Vlogger. Michael also has a background in coaching, fitness, and exercise. Be on the look out for workout videos from the road!

About the movers and shakers, Fur babies: 

This introduction would be incomplete without mentioning our fur babies. We have 2 spaniels: Maui is our 4 year old Boykin spaniel and Dexter is our 1 year old English springer spaniel. They bring us so much joy and I have no idea what we ever did without them!

About the movers and shakers

What are our plans for the future?

Spring of 2018, Michael, our 2 spaniels, and I will move abroad to Europe to travel freely. We are burned out on corporate America’s work-life imbalances. We have made the conscious decision to set a new path for our family and redefine what our office spaces look like. We will purchase an RV in Germany and begin our round-the-world adventure.

How will we make money?
about the movers and shakers

First, we asked ourselves how can we SAVE money for this trip? We paid off several young debts to kick start this adventure. We will work from our laptops, independent of location. We will jointly run our businesses: Wanderlust Social Media Management and our Wellness U e-course. In addition, we will use our career-expertise (nutrition and exercise) in the freelance domain. Soon, we will be producing itineraries and travel e-books from the road to help you out on YOUR future trips. Lastly, we will share our tips and adventures on here with YOU and build working relationships with affiliate travel brands in the process! That it when it comes to the About the movers and shakers section of our blog!

Be well and Travel Often!

Follow us as we debunk nutrition fads, eat our way around the globe, and explore this crazy amazing world as a family. Life is too short to be stuck!

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